About Me – Matt, the Blog Author

Hey there!

Matt here, welcome to my blog.

Since I was young, I always liked helping my father doing stuff around the house. I probably took my passion for woodworking and fixing random stuff from him. I find it very satisfying, being able to produce something yourself. During the years, I learned many things from him and by experimenting myself, so I thought it would be great to give something back, so to speak. What better way than writing on a blog then?

What will the content of this blog be like? I’m not sure yet. I’ll write about any topic that interests me, ranging from woodworking and DIY stuff to outdoor activities. I’ll probably also talk about products and tools that I try/like. If you are into woodworking, you know that half the pleasure lays in getting new toys 😉

If you have any questions for me, you can reach out by using the “contact” page. See ya!